Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I was going through some old stuff and found my High School Transcript...

1.58 GPA and ranked 182 out of 184!!!

Those were some bad times. I had no motivation or goals in my life and only cared about the present. I ended up getting my GED and was more concerned about me and about partying more than anything else. 

17 years ago this month, I quit drinking, stop doing drugs, turned my life around. In 2005, I started working at DealerSocket in an entry level position making $13/hr. I met a beautiful and amazing girl who became my wife. She saw my potential even when I barely had the means to support her... we will be celebrating over 10 years. 

At 26 I started college and ended up getting two associates degrees and my bachelors in Business, all while working full time. I have been blessed with 3 beautiful kids. I have progressed to a many roles at my company and now hold a Director position. I work hard now to support my family. My wife and I bought a nice home with a big backyard. 

I really have been so blessed and content with my life. I have learned that life is more enjoyable when you care more about others than yourself.

Looking back it has been quite the journey. It is crazy to think of my young, immature me. I really am so grateful that I was able to change and given a chance to move on from my past. I am thankful for God, my wife, my family, friends and those that gave me a chance and believed in me. Thank you!

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