Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mobile CRM

10 years ago “Web-based” was the buzzword. Fast forward to today and now it’s “Mobile”. Almost everyone now has a cell phone. Over half of those are smartphones. Society has come accustomed to never leaving home without their smart phone. For most, their phone is the first and last thing we look at each day. More email is read on mobile now than on a desktop email client or via webmail. 

I recently attended Ralph Paglia's AutoCon2012 event in Las Vegas. Almost every keynote speaker mentioned the word "Mobile". One even reference that the future is all about "mobile". For the first time dealers are seeing that "mobile" is the future. Smart dealers are investing in mobile websites, mobile friendly email templates, texting, service scheduling apps and more. Another important area for improvement for dealers regarding "Mobile" is for their CRM. 

Last February at NADA, DealerSocket CRM customers began downloading their native MobileCRM app on Android, Apple, and Kindle devices. This mobile app allows salespeople to search for customers, input customers, create a deal, push to 3rd parties including DMS, check inventory, and access key reports and dashboards. Having access to your CRM from a phone has its advantages. Salespeople can enter in customers on the lot. DealerSocket customers are seeing a 30% increase in Fresh Ups using the app. 

Dealerships are having more success in capturing prospect information because people feel more comfortable providing information to a salesperson who is not behind a desk. Once information is captured, salespeople can send vehicle ebrochures in real time to the prospect. They can surf inventory and look at over 50 pictures for each vehicle which cuts down on walking the lot with customer. 

They can also input trades by scanning the barcode of their VIN which notifies managers of prospects that are currently interested those trades. This is a great way to turn one deal into two deals and have happier customers because you can give more for their trade if you have a potential buyer for their trade. 

You can also push the deal to the DMS which allows desk managers to be working on numbers and have them ready even before the customer returns from the test drive. The app also helps salespeople manage their daily work plans. Salespeople can quickly see the calls they need to make, their appointments, as well as web leads. Salespeople can call directly from the phone and have it logged into the CRM. 

They can also send the customer email templates and even text messages. Another feature I like is that with the devices Talk-to-Text function which allows salespeople to talk their notes into the app to save time. It is also good for managers who can see what is going on at the dealership at anytime even when they are away from the dealership. 

Built into the DealerSocket MobileCRM app are push alert notifications, which allow you to be notified instantly on your mobile device when you receive an email, web lead, or a "To Do". You can even be notified when a customer opens your email (the best time to call a customer, because you know they are looking at it). 

DealerSocket's MobileCRM recently won Brian Pasch's AWA Award for Top Rated Mobile App. Here is what dealers are saying about DealerSocket's MobileCRM: “Our people self-train themselves on how to use the MobileCRM. It’s incredibly easy to use.” "Managers are involved and logged into MobileCRM inspecting the sales dashboard which has added another level of accountability." “Salespeople no longer have to leave the customer to log information in the CRM. Customers feel more comfortable giving information to someone with an IPad vs. someone sitting behind a desktop.” "Some of our stores have even replaced their desktop kiosk w/ an iPad." "Our solds have gone up because we have more people to follow up with… because more information is being logged in the DealerSocket MobileCRM App." I am sure we will continue to hear more about "Mobile" at the upcoming DrivingSales Executive Event in Las Vegas next month. 

If "Mobile" is important to you now or will be in the future, I highly encourage to check out DealerSocket's MobileCRM. 

About Hunter Swift
Hunter Swift is the Director of Sales Development at DealerSocket and has been with the company since 2005. In addition to his current role, he has fulfilled the responsibilities of customer support, consulting, training, and sales. Hunter specializes in helping dealerships improve sales and follow-up processes through the use of CRM technology. He is known for his ability to connect with people and demonstrate his knowledge to help others solve their problems. Hunter honed his dealership skills as a salesperson prior to joining DealerSocket. He has earned a Business Degree from Pepperdine University. Hunter can be reached at hswift@dealersocket.com and on social media at @HunterSwift.

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